Shri. Saraswati Vidya Prasarak Mandal's
NAAC Accredited B+ ( 3rd Cycle )
Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon


Late. Motibhau Kapurchandaji Kotecha

Best Practices :- 

Best practice I :
1. Title of the Practice
Inculcation of Ethical Values among students
2. Objectives of the practice:
i) To create an environment of transparency and introspection
ii) To develop self-respect and self-discipline
iii) To inculcate spiritual and ethical values among students during their regular study
iv)To develop holistic approach among students.
3. The context:
Day begins with Morning Prayer to inculcate ethical values among students. Education system aims at inculcating human and spiritual values ultimately. Therefore, the institution insists on arranging programmes to motivate students and generate conducive atmosphere to inculcate moral values in the campus.
4. The Practice:
Lectures are delivered by external experts and internal resource persons on topics like integrity, responsibility, empathy, righteousness, piety, courage and Indian ethos among the students. All the activities mentioned above are conducted by various committees like Art circle, Ceremony, Student Welfare, Career Counseling, Science Association, WangmayMandal, Environmental awareness, Yuvati Sabha, Yuvarang, NSS. Ethical values are also introduced through various add-on courses like Certificate course in Human Rights Education and Women Entrepreneurship.
5. Evidence of Success:
Our institution actively organizes various programs. A gradual shift is observed in the attitude and behaviour of students in terms of introspection, differentiation between right and wrong. Students seem to be now aware of the condition of the downtrodden. They have become compassionate, prudent and supportive to the deprived groups of society. Our students also participated in various social programmes like Pulse Polio Abhiyan, Road Safety Abhiyan, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Yuvarang, YuvatiSabha, KarmaveerBhaurao Patil,Earn While Learn Scheme.etc.
6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:
The programs conducted by the Institution are useful for the students. Due to semester system the time for conducting program is not sufficient. Due to covid- 19 Pandemic it was impossible to conduct offline classes. The eminent personalities are difficult to be invited to deliver lectures. The programmes require more funds. The programmes organised by various committees to impart ethical and spiritual values among students, require more time and efforts and sometimesaffect regular academic activities. Frequent organisation of such programmes is found time consuming students.
Best practice II :
1. Title of the Practice:
Book Review Competition by Library.
2. Objectives of the practice:
i) To make students read selective literature at their own pace.
ii) To inculcate reading habit among students.
iii)To increase thinking and literary interest among students.
iv)To increase subject knowledge of the students.
v) To create social awareness among the students to improve life skills.
3. The context:
The Principal and members of the Library Committee came out with an excellent stimulus to activate Reading-Writing skills among students.
4. The Practice:
In modern era, Students donít spare time for reading books as they are interested more in watching television and Internet. To develop good read habit among students, the members of the library committee and language experts in our institution provide freedom to students to select a book of their choice which includes mainly life sketches of eminent personalities, autobiographies and literature etc. Students enroll in the book review competition at their own will. Systematic and planned book issuing is monitored. Perceptions of individual readers of each book are submitted in the library, which are examined by the expert committee. The winners are appreciated and given prizes in Prize Distribution Ceremony. All this helps to nurture and enhance reading as well as summarizing abilities among students.
5. Evidence of Success:
i) In this activity 244 students participated from 2018-19to 2022-23.
ii) Students interest in reading has increased.
iii) Writing Skills of students also improved.
6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required:
Only the students who are interested in literature mostly participate in Book Review Competition.

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