Shri. Saraswati Vidya Prasarak Mandal's
NAAC Accredited B+ ( 3rd Cycle )
Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon


Late. Motibhau Kapurchandaji Kotecha

Code of Conduct :- 

“Enrichment of Women through Quality Higher Education for Better Society and Stronger Nation.”

“Providing Quality Higher Education to Women to equip them with Modern Views and Knowledge along with Social Commitment and to Bring them to the Main Stream for Building Better Society and Stronger Nation.”

Core Values of Institution
  • To impart quality higher education to the women.
  • To bring the women to the main stream of the society.
  • To develop social values and sense of commitment among the students.
  • To provide better opportunities to the women for education and career development.
  • To improve the Role and involvement of women in building better society and stronger Nation.
  • To motivate the students to use technology.
Code of conduct for students
1. It is mandatory for the students to have identity card with as and when she is in the campus.
2. The student should necessarily read the notes circulars displayed on notice board, time to time.
3. The behavior of the students in the class room should be disciplined.
4. The appearance and the dress of the students should be neat and tidy.
5. The behavior of the student while is campus should be as per the rules.
6. The students should not keep with her tobacco , cigarette, intoxicant any other doping items as per NMU, circular NMU/95/7A/5630 dated 31.8.1995
7. 75% attendance is mandatory for appearing in examination.
8. The behavior for the student should be polite while talking with teaching and non teaching staff.
9. Ragging strictly prohibited in the campus.
10. Students are advised to read all the notices displayed on different notice boards.
Code of conduct for teachers
1. Teacher should handle the subjects assigned by the Head of the departments.
2. He /She should complete the syllabus in a stipulated period.
3. He /She should follow rule and regulation regarding Examination as per University norms.
4. He /She should involve fully in teaching learning process.
5. He /She should carry co curricular extracurricular and organizational activities assigned to him/her time to time.
6. It is mandatory for him/her to present in the campus in working hours.
7. Biometric attendance is compulsory.
8. He /She need to sanctioned leave by the concerned authority.
9. He /She should engage in research activities.
10. He /She should attend faculty development and quality improvement programme to update the knowledge.
11. Any introduction issued by the competent authority by way of circular from time to time must be complied with.
12. Teachers must wear their Identity card while inside the college premises.
13. No representation to any Government authority or University in the name the college should need by any teacher without he Principal or Secretary Principal
14. Duties and service conditions of the teachers will be as per UGC and university act.
Code of conduct for Non Teaching Staff:
1. Non teaching staff working in the college, office or departments should remain present at their workplace during working hours..
2. Non teaching staff must always wear Identity card during working hours.
3. In case of any accident in the Lab. He/She should report to the HOD.
4. Maintenance of stock register for all the articles, equipments, chemicals is mandatory.
5. Non teaching staff shall not leave the college premises without permission of the concern authority.
6. Tobacco and smoking is prohibited.

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