Shri. Saraswati Vidya Prasarak Mandal's
NAAC Accredited B+ ( 3rd Cycle )
Affiliated to Kavayitri Bahinabai Chaudhari North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon


Late. Motibhau Kapurchandaji Kotecha

Institutional Distinctiveness :- 

Insistence on Social Commitment
“Enrichment of Women through Quality Higher Education for Better Society and Stronger Nation” is the vision of the Institute. It continuously involves in various activities and programmes for the fulfillment of the vision. Teachers, students, non-teaching staff and even management have their genuine interest in social issues. Priority is always given to touch up on social areas. These are listed below:
1. Best N.S.S. volunteers: -
The institute has NSS unit of 250 students in it. Program officers continuously engage NSS volunteers in various activities that imbibe social approach among students. These are motivated to such extent that they get involved in dealing with social issues. Their activities and contribution arefelicitated every year in annual prize distribution ceremony of the Institution. Some of the best NSS volunteers have given contribution to society in different ways.
2. Introduction with Epoch Makers: -
The Institution is keen to create interest among students about social issues and eminent personalities committed to bring change in the lives of the deprived, the downtrodden and the needy are invited in the campus. Due to COVID-19 Pandemic the Institution had arranged online interactive sessions of the social change makers with our students, staff and parents.
3. Promoting Eco-friendly attitude: -
A positive attitude towards the environment positively impacts the level of environmental awareness. The institute always attributes to develop eco-friendly behaviour and environmental awareness by conducting various activities.

A few of them are cited below: Guests invited on various occasion are felicitated with the plants. Seed bank project is active in the campus. Students and faculty collect variety of seeds. Collected seeds are handed over to Botany Department for making tree saplings or seed balls.

The Activity of tree plantation is undertaken every year in the campus. Water is precious resource due to increase in demand from our ever-growing population and climate change. Considering the importance of water, water harvesting is done in the premises of the institute. Survey on “measurement of carbon foot print” is conducted in the adopted village, Khadke.
VermiCompost, Solar Panels, Solar water heater, Solar Lights, Soak pits are available in campus.
4. Measures to tackle social evils (restrain): -
Various social evils are prevalent even today in the society. The institution is committed to restrain a few of social evils by arranging various offline/online activities like Anti-addiction day, Importance of vaccination etc.
5. Teachers’ individual donation for prizes: -
Some of our teachers’ have deposited money for the sakeof felicitating students for their achievements. It has not only set a role model for social commitment forstudents but it may result in such contribution by the alumni in future.
6. Charity Practices: -
Some of our faculty members and even students are also involved with keeninterest in the practice of charity acts. They offer voluntary help to those in need as a humanitarian act. Commodity bank also develops the social values among Students by distributing cloths to the needy.

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